Floor Drain Layout And Simultaneous Implementation Of The Proper Plan

Floor Drain, bright, dark and mixed. The use of dark pipe Floor Drain, including street ditch, rain mouth, pipe, dry branch pipe, a variety of inspection wells and outlet and other parts; mixed type Is a combination of light and dark Floor Drain. In general, large and medium-sized cities, especially in the central area, the use of dark; small towns and large and medium-sized suburbs and suburban roads, may consider the Ming style. If the conditions are appropriate, the city in the high density of buildings and frequent traffic in areas with dark tube, low density and low traffic areas with ditch or open channel, the formation of mixed. The city with the best quality of the dark tube, and the advantages of ditch or open channel is mainly low cost, the disadvantage is that the area is too small, poor sanitation, traffic and life are inconvenient. As the Floor Drain and the road is closely related to the reconstruction and expansion of the two have a greater impact on each other, taking into account the urban Floor Drain facilities in the form and scale, to combine the road and Floor Drain near-long-term planning, through the program comparison, to make economic rational The proper layout and the proper implementation of the plan

Floor Drain construction should meet the following requirements:

    1. Floor Drain of the linear requirements of smooth, as far as possible the use of linear, turn should be made arc, the radius should not be less than l0m, ditch length according to actual needs, usually not more than 500m.

    2. Floor Drain along the route layout, should be as far as possible from the roadbed, from the roadside foot should not be less than 3 ~ 4m. More than the ditch at the end of the wall of the soil to allow the erosion flow rate, should take the side groove surface reinforcement measures.

The Floor Drain includes a road surface Floor Drain part and a roadside Floor Drain part, and the road surface Floor Drain part is from below to the base layer, the waterproof layer and the permeable layer, and the road drain groove is arranged above the waterproof layer; A puddle which is provided on both sides of the road and the puddle along the pavement Floor Drain part, and the pavement drains along the lower part of the pavement; the permeable road along the stone comprises a permeable surface layer and a water permeable reinforcing layer, Wherein the permeable surface layer contains a water permeable material, and the water-permeable reinforcing layer is adjacent to the inner surface of the permeable surface layer; and the water-permeable reinforcing layer has a cavity.