Floor Drain Affect The Drainage Speed

With the modern bathroom and the ground flush with the increasingly popular shower, the subject is becoming increasingly important. In fact, in addition to the installation, other professions such as leveling, tiles also have an important role in it, the idea of good ideas, testing and reliable solutions is imminent.

Bathing time, if the area of water,Floor Drain foot through the bathing water will make people very uncomfortable, especially in the already clean case.

What is the speed of the shower that the decision?

Obviously, the first thing you thought was definitely a floor drain. Yes, the drain speed is the main factor, if the depth of the water pipe is enough, it is recommended to install the deep water seal core floor drain, in addition to smooth drainage, the deodorant better life longer.

Will the floor size and color of the floor affect the drainage speed? The influence is yes, but not too big. Simple stripes pattern than the complex pattern will not be much faster, mainly by the heart of the decision, the pattern or aesthetic distinction. The size of the panel are 10 cm long side of the home,Floor Drain completely enough, and most of the industry are 10 cm products are also easy to replace the future.

Tile size also affects drainage. General shower with small size tiles, because the mud when the floor to the direction of the ground to find slope tilt. Big brick is not easy to find slope.

In addition to paving tiles,Floor Drain there is now a way to use a piece of marble in the middle, the middle of the high, four weeks to drain, the middle part of the small groove to slip.

In addition, the next water pipe transformation will also affect the drainage rate. If the sewer position is changed, it is usually necessary to connect the pipe to another location,Floor Drain one is caused by the inability to use the deep water seal, and the increase in the turn will certainly affect the drainage speed.