Closet Flange Pay Attention To The Daily Cleanliness Of The Surface

Closet Flange is an indispensable home at home, want to keep the clothes clean can not leave the closet, but the Closet Flange is not often clean and can not keep the clothes clean. Here we take a look at how dirty the Closet Flange clean it, different parts of the cleaning method is different Oh.

First, the correct way to clean the closet

1, wipes clean

When cleaning and maintenance of the Closet Flange, be sure to determine whether the wipes used are clean. When cleaning or wiping the dust, be sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth. Do not be lazy and repeat the already dirty side, this will only make the dirt repeatedly in the closet surface friction, but will damage the bright surface of the Closet Flange.

2, the election of the care agent

Want to maintain the original brightness of the Closet Flange, there are Closet Flange care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance of two kinds of Closet Flange skin care products. The former mainly for a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire rubber and other materials, Closet Flange, and jasmine and lemon two different fresh fragrance. The latter applies to a variety of wooden, glass, synthetic wood or the United States and other materials, Closet Flange, especially for mixed materials Closet Flange. Therefore, if you can use both clean, care effects of skin care products, will be able to save a lot of valuable time.

3, the correct use of care agents

Care spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent before use, it is best to shake it, and then straight grip spray cans, was 45 degrees angle, so that the tank can be liquid components in the state of pressure is completely released. After the dry wipes at a distance of about 15 cm place gently spray, so come to wipe the closet, will be able to play a very good cleaning and maintenance effect. In addition, wipes after use, remember to wash and dry.

Second, the different materials of the Closet Flange cleaning method

Plate Closet Flange: the most common plate cabinet and wooden door panels, plates because both sides are using melamine trim, waterproof moisture, so you can use a semi-dry towel gently wipe.

Aluminum alloy Material: Glass of water or other detergent may cause the aluminum alloy to lose its original luster, can be wiped directly with a semi-dry towel, or you can use a special aluminum cleaner to restore it to the original appearance, must not use the newspaper.

Dermatoglyphics: Stripe products feel soft, too hard or sharp things will cause physical damage to it, so try to use a soft wipe to wipe.

Acrylic, glass material: Acrylic and glass doors stained with fiber will become rough, to keep them crystal and color, it is best to use glass of water as a cleaning agent, accompanied by a newspaper, to wipe.

Third, the different parts of the Closet Flange cleaning method

1, the surface clean

Dust: Note that the daily surface to keep clean, dust, dust or dust should be used, or dust should also be exposed to the Closet Flange.

Water marks: usually after a period of time will disappear, if not long after a fade, can be coated with a small amount of salad oil clean cotton cloth along the direction of wood to wipe.

Food stains: all kinds of tea stains, fruit juice, butter and other splashes on the surface will leave a slight stain, to immediately wipe, and then use a clean soft cloth on the stains at the light.

Ink traces: soft eraser can be used to prevent fade, can be a few drops of water in the stains. After cleaning the surface can be used professional maintenance agent or moisturizing oil for maintenance.

Other general stains: You can use a professional Closet Flange cleaner to clean. For leather stains on the Closet Flange, you can use a clean velvet dipped in some egg white wipe.

2, internal cleaning

Dust: Dust usually hides in the closet near the closet and the four corners of the cabinet. All the clothes are cleaned up, with a small brush gently sweep the dust out of the closet, and then dry towel along the Closet Flange gap wipe off on the line.

Mold: wet weather Closet Flange easy to grow mold, if found to have mold, not only to use a cloth to clean, but also need to brush in the above varnish. We can also use Vaseline after cleaning, and then clean the cloth with a clean cloth.

3, hardware cleaning

Handle: soft cloth can be dipped in a little toothpaste slowly wipe repeatedly, handle will be restored smooth. Toothpaste contains abrasive, detergency is very strong.

Guide: to deal with the dust in the guide, first with a small brush along the guide to the dust are swept to one side, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust, and then dry with a soft cloth wipe the rail again.

Hinge: You can gently wipe with a dry soft cloth, do not use chemical cleaning agent or acidic liquid cleaning, such as the surface is difficult to remove the black spots, can be wiped with a little kerosene.

Top: Top for a long time will stick a lot of dust. So should always clean the tops, some tops are fixed with glue on the door, more difficult to clean, if necessary, you can find professionals to replace the tops.