Closet Flange Have A Sense Of The Whole, With Practicality

Closet Flange is a family can not be a lack of furniture, and now many types of Closet Flange on the market, the choice is also a lot. Which to the top Closet Flange is more and more consumers to accept, then the bedroom Closet Flange to do the top good? Then we go with Xiao Bian to see it

Choose to do the top of the Closet Flange, the purpose is to rational use of the top of the Closet Flange space, an increase of storage function. The top of the Closet Flange, will not let the top of the dust, so that the overall sense of Closet Flange, very practical. Many people may feel the top of the high level is too high for people to put things very inconvenient. For this point, Xiao Bian recommended the top to be a regional division, put the quilts and not commonly used items.

Bedroom Closet Flange to do the top good? Disadvantages are obvious.

1, because the wood is containing moisture, by the impact of temperature will cause thermal expansion and contraction, Closet Flange will do the top will break the top wall of the decorations.

2, the height of the Closet Flange to the top is too high, the opposite side of the pressure caused by relatively large, easy to deformation of long time, Closet Flange life shortened.

3, easy to hide ash above, easy to clean up, easy to become a health corner.

4, the Closet Flange does not do the top is a modern young people like a choice, the general Closet Flange does not do the top, choose to seal off with gypsum board, the following plus a sliding door, the overall effect of fashion beautiful, but also reduce costs.

5, the Closet Flange to do the top will give a visual sense of depression.

The above is the bedroom Closet Flange to do the top of the good related to the introduction, we hope to help. Closet Flange to the top of the words to increase the storage space to meet people's storage needs. Looks like the atmosphere, the overall effect is very good. But also some shortcomings, I believe we have seen after the number of heart. According to their actual situation, choose the right Closet Flange is the most important.

So how do we deal with the Closet Flange?

1, first with a desiccant on the housing and Closet Flange drying. With sandpaper or cloth to remove the mold and then brush the paint can prevent mold and then grow.

2, often open the window ventilation. After the end of attention to dry or open air conditioning dehumidification. In addition, also put some orange peel in the closet, but also can play the effect of fresh taste.

3, if the paint due to the number of paint less, poor quality of paint caused by moldy, wipes can be coated with Vaseline cleaning to remove mold.

4, if the air can be put in the home some fresh lime, not only can effectively prevent moisture, but also disinfection.

5, clean the mold, with hair dryer dry moldy place, and then took out the clothes and dried, in the closet shop some newspapers, put some desiccant or mothballs, can absorb excess water.

6, pay attention to the place where the long mold clean, you can usually use a dry paper towel to wipe him clean, or brush with a dry brush, the moldy place clean up. If the clean is not clean, you can use the damp cloth vigorously rub on the line, often can be very convenient to remove moldy.

Of course, there is a good way to once and for all is a new Closet Flange can solve these problems. Li Ting smart Closet Flange with a new metal environmental protection material, effective moisture in addition to moisture, but also to kill mold and other harmful bacteria, always protect the Closet Flange from damp moldy.