Basket Strainer Manufacturing Accuracy Requirements Are Higher

A Basket Strainer is a device used to remove solid impurities from a fluid. In the chemical plant on many machines, there are Basket Strainers of the figure. Before the oil enters the machine, it is necessary to set the Basket Strainer before the fuel oil enters the nozzle and before the feed oil or seal oil enters the pump, before the steam condensate enters the trap.

The Basket Strainer element of the wire gap Basket Strainer is a Basket Strainer element which is tightly wound around the cylindrical skeleton with copper wire or aluminum wire. The oil passes through the pores between the wires and enters the inside and flows out from the upper channel. Device structure is simple, large flux, especially for the requirements of non-stop fine Basket Strainer oil occasions, and more for oil return Basket Strainer. But the structure of the Basket Strainer is more complex, manufacturing precision requirements are higher, and the Basket Strainer material strength is low, easy to clean.

The Basket Strainer is made of metal powder (stainless steel, pure nickel, pure iron) sintered into porous material for the Basket Strainer element, can withstand high pressure, high filtration precision, belonging to the depth of the Basket Strainer. The disadvantage is that particles are easy to fall off, blocked, easy to clean.

Basket Basket Strainer for oil or other liquid pipe, Basket Strainer pipe debris, Basket Strainer hole area than the diameter of the tube area is greater than 2-3 times. Far more than Y-type, T-Basket Strainer Basket Strainer area. Basket Strainer structure and other Basket Strainers are not the same, because the shape of the basket, so the basket Basket Strainer.

When the fluid into a certain size of the Basket Strainer barrel after the Basket Strainer, the impurities are blocked, and clean the filtrate from the Basket Strainer outlet, when the need for cleaning, as long as the removable Basket Strainer bucket removed, processed and then reloaded that Can, therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient.

At present, it is mainly used for the filtration of the heat transfer oil, which can be used to Basket Strainer the heat of the heat generated in the process, but with the general network Basket Strainer can not afford the polymer and coke (grain) Basket Strainer to reduce the heat transfer oil in Heat conduction process of thermal resistance, improve heat transfer effect. This type of Basket Strainer can be applied to a variety of grades of transformer oil filtration and gas and liquid filtration, purification, separation and other processes.

Basket Strainer application

1. Stainless steel Basket Strainer

   Stainless steel Basket Strainer widely used in steam, air, water, oil, and other media in the pipeline; to protect the pipeline system of various equipment, pumps, valves, etc .; from the pipeline rust, solder ballast and other impurities, And damaged. Stainless steel Basket Strainer anti-fouling strong, convenient sewage, circulation area, the pressure loss is small, simple structure, small size, light weight. Basket Strainer material are stainless steel, corrosion resistance, long service life.

2.Y type Basket Strainer

   Y-type Basket Strainer delivery medium piping system is an indispensable kind of Basket Strainer device, Y-type Basket Strainer is usually installed in the pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, water level valve or other equipment, the inlet side, used to remove impurities in the media, To protect the normal use of valves and equipment. Y-type Basket Strainer with advanced structure, low resistance, convenient sewage and so on.

3. Y-type rod extension Basket Strainer

   Y-type rod extension and retractable Basket Strainer with a new type of design, the Y-type Basket Strainer and telescopic joint combination, simple structure, easy to use, to solve a variety of different standard products, the length of the flange caused by different fixed pipe installation inconvenience defects, The telescopic Basket Strainer is mainly used for high-rise construction, multi-storey building or factory water supply and drainage piping, usually installed in the pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, water level valve or other major equipment, the import side, the installation of the rod extension Basket Strainer Remove pipe debris or disassemble to ensure the normal use of valves or equipment.

4. Basket Basket Strainer

The basket Basket Strainer removes small equipment with a small amount of solids in the liquid to protect the compressor, pumps and other equipment and instruments from working properly; it is also a small device to improve the purity of the product and purify the gas. Therefore, the basket Basket Strainer is widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, medicine, food and other industries. Basket Basket Strainer with shell, sewage cover, Basket Strainer, Basket Strainer, bolts and other components.