Application Of Stainless Steel Blue Filter In Environmental Protection Water Treatment

Blue filter is a new structure is reasonable, good sealing, cycle ability, easy to operate, and many other advantages, for a wide range of applicability, strong, multi-purpose filtration equipment. Especially the possibility of leakage of the filter bag side is small, can accurately ensure the filtration accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter bag, the filter is basically no material consumption, so that operating costs greatly reduced. It is suitable for fine filtration of liquids in the fields of paints, adhesives, resin dyes, inks and oils, and chemicals. The fineness of the filter is ensured by the filter bag, without the need for re-inspection of the sample, and can be assembled transport pump assembled on the mobile cart, free to move to any production line for filtration.

Blue filter is a new type of filtration system. The basket inside the filter is supported by the metal net bag. The liquid flows out from the inlet. The filter bag is filtered out from the outlet. The impurities are blocked in the bag. Through the filter bag, under the effect of pressure, so that the original liquid through the filter bag, filter bag to retain the pollutants remain in the filter bag residues, the filtrate along the metal support basket wall out, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering.