The working principle of the breather valve

The valve is composed of a pressure valve and a vacuum valve. It is installed on the top of the storage tank and can automatically open and close with the change of the positive and negative pressure of the oil and gas in the pipe to keep the pressure difference inside and outside the tank within the allowable range.

Breathing valve is to maintain the balance of the tank pressure to reduce the evaporation of the media safe and energy-saving products, breathing valve full use of the pressure capacity of the tank itself to reduce media emissions, the principle is to use positive and negative pressure valve tray to control the weight of the row Gas pressure and inspiratory negative pressure; when the media out of the tank, so that the tank upper gas space pressure drop to reach the operating pressure of the breathing valve, the tank outside the atmosphere will open the top of the negative pressure valve valve plate top Open, so that outside gas into the tank, so that the pressure inside the tank is no longer continue to drop, so that the tank and the tank outside the balance of pressure to protect the tank safety device.


1, when the tank medium pressure in the breathing valve control operating pressure range, the breathing valve does not work to maintain the tightness of the tank;

2, when the tank to supplement the medium, so that the upper part of the tank gas space pressure to reach the operation of the positive pressure valve, the pressure valve is opened, the gas from the respiratory valve exhaled breath, so that tank pressure is not to continue Increased;

3, the atmosphere outside the tank will open the negative pressure valve vent valve.